Tips and tricks to Choose the Perfect Bed Sheets

After a long day of work all that you want is to go home and lie down on your bed comfortably, but what if that bed is not that comfortable, will you be able to release that tiredness by laying on that uncomfortable bed? No, right? Even if your mattress is comfortable and you spent thousands on buying that comfortable mattress still if your bed sheet is not that comfortable, all your money is ruined because you still can’t get that level of comfort that you wanted to get.

Today we will tell you the correct ways of choosing the right bed sheet for making your bed fully comfortable and you can get the comfort that you desire:-

1) Number of Threads

The number of threads is directly proportional to the level of comfort i.e. more the number of threads, the more is the level of comfort. But some people even say that more threads do not guarantee comfort as some people use false ways to earn money and they use silicon softeners to increase the thread count initially that disappears just after the first wash. Hence the fabric that is considered best for bed sheets are Egyptian, Pima or combed cotton but they are a bit on the costly side of the price chart, so if you want an affordable option then you can go for polyester or percale blend.

2) Whether to choose Percale or Sateen

It is completely a matter of choice. Perce is a crisp and weaved fabric that is best for people who get overheated while sleeping and sateen is just like satin, it is soft lustrous and it looks better and much classier than percale. You can choose one according to your preference and style them with some embroidered cushion covers for a fancier look.

3) Choose the right material

That material that you want to choose is totally up to you according to your preference. Cotton poplin material could be used if you want something light or you can choose cotton which is best for absorbing sweat in summers it also keeps you cool in summer and a little bit warm in winters but cotton tends to wrinkle easily, this could be diminished by using cotton polyester blend fabric, though it is not as cool as cotton still it will keep you cool to some extent with a perk of being wrinkle-free.

4) There’s a possibility of getting tricked while buying Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best and most expensive fabric for bedsheets as a result there are a variety of cheap copies of this fabric available in the market. Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt in very specific climatic conditions but nowadays these are even grown in outside parts by creating a false environment which results in a lower quality Egyptian cotton but still, they are sold at the same price. Therefore check and double-check the fabric before buying Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

5) Get the right fit

Just like your beds also need the right fit of clothes for them otherwise either they will be too big or too small for them which will not give the desired fit and look to your bed. Different bed sizes have different sizes of bed sheets that are specially designed for them.

6) Coordination is necessary

Using colour that does not coordinate with your wall and bed colour could make it look tacky, so it is a must match those bed sheets according to the aesthetic of your room to make it look classy and fancy. For example- the use of a simple bed sheet if your room walls have patterns in them will balance the whole look and will make it look better.

Now you must have imagined your ideal bedsheet while reading this article but this pandemic will not allow you to go out with the sole purpose of buying your bedsheets just pick up your phone and order the bedsheet of your choice if you feel the heat easily then order some cotton bed sheets online or whatever bedsheet suits you the best.

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